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Removals London
How much of a hassle can a removal become for an individual living in (or moving to) the city of London? Packing up, moving and transporting, cleaning up the mess and much more. Sounds complicated indeed. We, in removalsrqs.co.uk can turn one of the most stressful experiences in your life (such as removal) into the most exciting one – a fresh new beginning anywhere in London!

We’re worked many years in UK and Canada, an internationally recognised company with a huge experience of domestic removals in London, Ottawa and Vancouver, removalsrqs.com.uk is at your service to make moving a pleasure. We cooperate with professional moving and storage companies in all the UK.

We’re working in all the possible areas across the city – central, north and south, west and east London. Our mobility and decentralisation in compare with other removal companies allows us to combine our local knowledge with international experience to accurately plan a move for you.

London Removals and Storage; Man and Van – Main Difference

London Removals

Man and Van and Removals have two goals of getting things out of your home and move it to another one. There is a key difference between the two though. When it comes to the process is slow, you have to do everything on your own, and it is very time consuming. It can take hours to get things packed up and shipped away. The burden lies entirely on the home owner, and the removers simply remove what is in the home afterwards.

The Speed of Man and Van works a bit differently. The man and van service is for those that are on a time crunch and want to get things out of their home quickly. This service does job in the fastest manner possible. With our Man and Van service we can even perform emergency orders as long as it is two hours from when we have to start. No object is too small or too big, everything will be moved for you in a timely manner.

The whole process from beginning to the end include (for London and the rest of the UK removals):

-Surveyance manager visit After you have contacted us, depending on the level of the move and work content, we will send one of our logical surveyance manager to your property to consult you on the object of moving. Taking into account the quantity of items, the volume they would take in the trucks, the site of the property and all the details that need specialist attention, the surveyance manager will provide you with information on the time needed for the work and the cost of removal. You can as well make approximate calculation with the help of our online inspector.

London Removals. Reliable Moving

Removal London

-Packing On the day of the move, our highly-professional team will arrive and start the packing process. All the posessions will be carefully packed and placed in the removals vehicle. Our team is equipped with a range of mechanical tools designed to safely remove any object when access is a problem. If there is anything that needs to be carefully removed from walls or ceilings, like technical appliances or pictures, our handy men are there to help you.

-The move When everything is packed and all that is left are empty walls we will start our journey. Our team of professional drivers will ensure that everything reaches its destination in one piece, even if it is small removal companies in London doing you doing small house removals.

-Unloading As soon as we arrive, we will unload the vehicle and place the items according to your specific requirements.

-Unpacking We will carefully unpack all of your items allowing you to inspect them for damages. Should any damage occur, our moving insurance will cover the costs.

It doesn’t look so complicated now, does it? You will hardly find any company in London, UK that provide the same simplicity and effectiveness in the field of removals. Depending on the scale of planned office or furniture removals, we have a ready-made service packages that you can order without being afraid to miss something or, if you’re not planning anything so global, every service is available separated, so don’t hesitate, south to north, east to west, anytime anywhere, Russell Squad Removals is at your service – please check removal costs and van hire services decsription.

We also provide additional services such as:

Move-in cleaning
Move-out cleaning
Handy man

Learn more about these on the additional services page



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Jan 24, 2013 by Customer from London

Thank you for the fast, intelligent, and ironic removals! Everything turned out very sincerely and without any loss. For those who are interested: the apartment of 80 square meters was moved in one weekend. Some of the things we packed ourselves, the furniture we trusted to professionals. We helped a bit, but everything was packed by the movers-packers. The guys even made jokes in between times. From the happy settlers - a recommendation to use Russell Squad Removals company services.

Russell Squad Removals 020-3290-0259 14 B Lionel Road South London Brentford, TW8 0JA United Kingdom 5.0 5.0 1 1 Thank you for the fast, intelligent, and ironic removals! Everything turned out very sincerely and without any loss. For those who are interested: the apartment of 80 square meters
Russell Squad Removals
14 B Lionel Road South LondonBrentfordTW8 0JA United Kingdom 
 • 020-3290-0259
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