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Removal Services London

Removal Services London


Full Home removal services packet

Planning a removal in the UK is always a huge work, especially when it comes to moving your precious property. There are plenty of issues that have to be considered, before you can move out, so we would like to make the move a bit easier for you.

Russel Removal Squad offers you a full removal service solution, our full service moving-out packet. Pay attention that you need to place your order on it at least 20 days before the moving-out day. Here’s what the full service packet include:

Supervisor visit – additional removal services

Removal Services

After you have called and placed your order, we send our professional supervisor the day that suits you best. His job is to inspect the property and calculate the price of the move, dependent on the scale of it and time needed for its accomplishment.

You can use our online-supervisor just to get the approximate price you need to pay for the move.

Packing – removals services in London

Removals Services London

Now that everything is taken into account and we can begin the process of move. Our team of professional packers arrive on the day of the move, early in the morning. As any respected removal services firm in London we use our own quality packing boxes to make sure everything fits in and is protected well. The packers carefully pack your possessions and put them in the removal vehicle.

Our team works fast and quiet and gives you full control over the situation – what and how should be packed and, what is quite important, in what order will things be placed in the vehicle. This can be crucial as in the process of unpacking you’d surely wish that some pieces of furniture are unloaded and put on their places in exact order. You can as well just mark the boxes with stickers so that we know where should we put them.

House Removal London Services – Handy-Manning (Extra)

Our professional removal services in London-based team working consists not only of packers but of handy men as well. Now, it all depends on where are you moving from, but there’s a high tendency of getting a very strict landlord that will try hard to find any kind of damage in the property and avoid paying back your deposit.

This is where our handy men come in handy! Not only they help the packers to disassemble your furniture, unplug and pack all your pieces of technics, take down the ceiling lights and paintings from the walls, they will also renew the bathroom and kitchen plumbing, change the water taps and renew the silicone cover on the tiles.

After all of your possessions were packed and placed in the vehicle, we can start our move. This step depends fully on the distance of the move and there’s not much to say here other than that all of our drivers are very experienced and worked many years in the field of international removals so you need not to worry about the safety of your stuff.

Extra Removal Services – Cleaning

Now that the things are on the move, the property needs to be thoroughly cleaned so that it will be as good as at the day you moved in. Whether your landlord will be pleased or not is a gamble in London but we offer one of the best cleaning apart from top-quality removal service so we guarantee the freshness of your property.

Voila! The moving took no hassle at all and at the best price any of the removal services companies in the UK can offer!

Any and all of these services can be ordered separately, but there’s much more, check our additional services page and price.

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Jun 25, 2013 by Removal Services London Costumer

The team of "A + +" thanks Russell Squad Removals for quality and professional work on the removals of our office, the guys allow you to rely on them!

Russell Squad Removals 020-3290-0259 14 B Lionel Road South London Brentford, TW8 0JA United Kingdom 5.0 5.0 1 1 The team of "A + +" thanks Russell Squad Removals for quality and professional work on the removals of our office, the guys allow you to rely on them!
Russell Squad Removals
14 B Lionel Road South LondonBrentfordTW8 0JA United Kingdom 
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